Hello community, it has come to our attention that we are too lenient when it comes to the regulation of the forums. There are many users who will often do things that aren't suitable for a forums environment. These instances may be:

Necro-Posting: Posting on an old and irrelevant thread.
Post Boosting: Aimlessly posting on a thread just to gain posts.
General Rudeness: Deliberately trying to insult another user.

There are other instances that have occurred on the forums due to us not monitoring it that strictly. Don't be alarmed of course, it doesn't mean the forums will become a strict, no-fun zone. It'll just be cleaner, with less toxicity and clutter. So, on behalf of the staff team, these new forums rules are EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY.


1. Do not necro-post, meaning, do not post on any threads that are irrelevant, or haven't been commented on in more than a week.

2. Do not post boost, this means posting aimless comments on threads just to up your post count.

3. Do not be rude, you may have differing opinions with the poster, but don't express them harshly, constructive criticism is the best way to go.

4. Refrain from discussing any other servers on the forums.

5. Remember to place your threads in the appropriate sections.

6. Refrain from commenting on threads specifically directed toward staff members if you are not one. Examples of these would be threads such as hacker reports, request for ranks to be returned. This would qualify as an extent of post-boosting.

7. Do not plagiarize anything. Whether it be from websites, other forums, or other posts.

8. Do not post/display inappropriate content, this includes sending links, inappropriate signatures, inappropriate replies, posting malicious files or link, etc.

9. Do not spam on threads to try and get them noticed.

10. Do not threaten anybody. This includes DDoS, hacking, etc.

11. Do not spam messages whether it be in the direct inbox, or on someone's wall.