Factions is our most valuable server that aims to provide a fresh and enjoyable experience. With McMMO, Auctions, Lottery, and more, everything added aims to contribute to your experience, not the other way around. Come on today, and start your journey with some friends.


Prison consists of many unique features that will keep you entertained for weeks. These features include: Rank A-Z, Prestige, block counting, scoreboard, drugs and much more! The spectacular feel of our prison servers makes it so much fun! Beautiful Mines and OP Pickaxes create the perfect combination for exquisite gameplay.


Skyblock is a fun multiplayer server which has many unique features. There is pvp, shops, player warps, mob farms, and also an island ranking system. Join now and you'll have a blast playing on our Skyblock.


Zombies is a Minecraft zombie server that introduces an exhilarating game-mode where players either cooperatively or single-handedly fight through waves of zombies and other monsters wielding an arsenal of distinctive weapons and equipment.


Our skywars is one of our biggest mini-game servers. Skywars has nearly 20 custom made maps that you can play on! The chests are filled with many items including diamond armor, potions, flame bows, and even enderpearls!


KitPvP is based solely on PvP, hence the name 'KitPvP' You can enjoy a very large, beautiful map in which you can explore and trap your enemies on many routes and obstacles in the map. Many custom abilities and donor perks are available. If you enjoy nothing but PvP, then give KitPvP a try!


Creative is a server that is creative and has 100x100 plot's. 2 plots are claimable to all users as we like to treat are users equally, you can buy plots by earning in game money if you ever need another plot. User's of all ages are welcome and we have friendly staff who will ensure the server is safe from rule breakers. This is your chance to get noticed by showing your true building potential