Prison 2.0

nauaf101 Co OwnerDev posted Sun at 9:06

Hellllo Community,

Today I announce the opening of Prison 2.0!

That's right, Prison 2.0 is finally released for all of you to play!

We have been working around the clock to bring Prison back up and it's finally here!

So what's new?



*New Mines

*Spawn and Mine ReVamp

And so much more!

Come join us at:

We will be expecting you ;)


hosh Alrighty, understood
AngeliMortem helper hosh, VIP pick has only fortune 3, yes. But, fortune is buffed alot and every donor pick is nerfed.
hosh Not that the update isn't that good, It's GREAT! But there are still some bugs in it. I got killed by lava in ...