RisingHeroes Revived

nauaf101 Admin posted May 7, 16

Hello RH Community,

As many of you know, RisingHeroes was shutdown due to the fact that Brandon(b3dog) was unable to pay for the server.Justin bought RisingHeroes and then we started to get to work.

We have been very slow about putting RisingHeroes back together which made progress slow for us.

Today we got more confidence, Motivation and dedication to help RisingHeroes grow.We started to work on RisingHeroes 2-3Hrs ago, Files are currently being uploaded for prison and next would be skyblock.

The RH staff team and I apologize for the amount of time taking for RH to be back up.

We may open prison today/tomorrow depending on the conditions we are facing.No guarantee though, but we are putting a lot of effort into making RisingHeroes come back to where it was and make it even better.

Thank you for your patient and time.


SwordOfEpiness DUDE MysticalEdgeZ I wasnt trying to shoot you I was trying to shoot someone else and why do you think Im a hacker !!!!!...
chasetheplayer Im so happy that RH is back! congratulations RH and RH staff <3