Factions Updates!!!

nauaf101 Co OwnerHOSM posted Aug 22, 16

Hello community,

we have some major updates for factions which improves the gameplay!

What's new?

- You can now /fly on your claimed lands and ally lands!

- /f setwarp to set faction warps and /f warp (name) to warp to it! Up to 5 warps can be set (/f delwarp (warp) to delete a warp) 

- /f show instead of /f f to view your factions details

- /f sb to toggle a faction scoreboard

- /f tac to disable recieving messages from ally chat

- /f top to see which faction is the best ;)

- No More dependant on FactionsChat for /f c f, /f c a, and /f c p

- Donor ranks improvements due to new updates!

(All factions has been reset, so go ahead and make a new one so no one get's an unfair advantage!)

Thank you,


RattleTrapSA epic updates ty facs staff
hosh Please do not post posts that aren't about this topic here, you can post it on a new thread
RaptorAlan_AW i cant join in server :3